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Greenhouse smashed this launch ‘out of the park’.

They demonstrated great insight and knowledge of the media landscape, resulting in widespread coverage across national, broadcast and international press.
Dean Richmond
Founder, Pets Corner
Studies suggest a dog’s carbon footprint is twice that of a 4X4 car and growing trends encouraging pet owners to feed their dogs human grade meat have increased their environmental impact.
Enter Yora, the world’s most sustainable dog food, made from insect larvae. Greenhouse partnered with a TV vet, refined the messaging and seeded the story with key contacts, with the aim of generating discussion and debate on agenda-setting national news programmes.
High impact press launch resulted in 85 articles with an estimated readership of over 19 million. Stand-out features secured in BBC, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, Metro, Daily Mail, Forbes and Reuters. Broadcast coverage included mentions in primetime morning news bulletins on BBC Radio 1, 2 and 4.
Widespread national and international media coverage with a combined circulation of 2.8 billion, generating retailer enquiries and a surge of traffic to the Yora website.
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