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"The Greenhouse team pushed us to be bolder in our approach and really demonstrate industry leadership. The result is a genuinely innovative report that combines unique analysis from our power systems modelling with regional expertise from across the world to highlight the vast opportunities that front-loading net zero can unlock for economies. 
"Greenhouse conceptualised the campaign and led the production and global launch of the report, working as an extension of our team to drive real impact and make the project a huge success.”
Isabelle Thibault-Ahlström, General Marketing Manager Wärtsilä Energy
The perceived difficulty of reaching net zero is often an impediment to action. Opponents of the energy transition regularly site cost and technical infeasibility as reasons for delaying change. The truth is far more positive. Our challenge was to convey that and drive real change towards renewable energy.
Devised, developed and launched a report that demonstrates the opportunities and benefits of accelerating the transition to net zero. Utilising unique modelling and regional expertise, the report provided strong evidence to demonstrate that net zero is not just possible, but it is achievable – quicker than currently planned, for less money and using the technology already available at scale.
Delivered global media launch, which generated 155 articles, including Forbes, Der Tagesspiegel, BNAmericas and S&P Global Platts, with an estimated 204M online readership. Supported media launch with a high-impact social media campaign that drove traffic towards the bespoke landing page, designed assets and videos, producing 61,274 impressions across Twitter and LinkedIn.
The launch put pressure on governments to accelerate the transition towards net zero by demonstrating the tangible impacts of a rapid shift towards renewables. The modelling helped to frame the debate around net zero at COP26 and drove a broader campaign within Wärtsilä, forming the key pillar of the communications at COP26 and beyond.
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