Putting unwanted clothes back into use




Greenhouse PR are great because they completely understand your mission and have good contacts with environmental journalists. The team ran a successful integrated campaign, engaging with ethical fashion influencers on social as well as getting TV and radio journalists into our charity shop.
Leigh Mcalea
Head of Communications, Traid
23% of the clothes in our wardrobe are unworn. That’s unsustainable. UK Charity TRAID needed to communicate to Londoners how they can play a part in the SDGs, encouraging the sustainable consumption of clothing to spark positive change for the planet.
Launched an integrated campaign for TRAID’s 23% Report. Commissioned a consumer survey to reveal consumer awareness on the issue. Actress Emma Watson backed the campaign on social media using the #23Percent hashtag. Showed how donating clothes can positively impact the environment.
BBC London TV, BBC London Radio, London Live and Pebble Magazine visited TRAID’s warehouse and charity shop to interview key spokespeople. Delivered 30 broadcast, print and online articles with a total reach of over 24 million. Top influencers shared #23Percent hashtag, which reached over 85 million consumers.
Increased public awareness of fast fashion across media and social channels, with vocal support from celebrities and ethical fashion stakeholders.
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