Showcasing water as a critical climate solution

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Greenhouse is a powerhouse. They hit the ground running, with utmost poise and professionalism, to support the first-ever Water Pavilion at the COP. As a radical collaboration across the global water community, the stakes were high. The Greenhouse team delivered in a big way, with amazing assets and results beyond our expectations. We are grateful to continue our work together.

Jennifer Jun

Senior Manager, International Policy

Stockholm International Water Institute
Water holds powerful climate solutions: it is crucial to securing a 1.5 degree future and building climate resilience. For 20 years, water experts have been engaging with climate leaders but this activity was fragmented. COP26 was an opportunity for the water sector to contribute ideas, solutions and resources to enhance national climate plans.
The first-ever Water Pavilion at COP was a collaboration of over 100 organisations. Partners sought to communicate the vital role of water for climate mitigation and resilience. To enable this, we created a comprehensive digital toolkit for all partners, including poignant key messages, facts, statistics, template assets and animations.
During COP26, the #Water4Climate hashtag received 28.3 million impressions and reached 8.9 million profiles. There were over 650 original tweets using the hashtag, including from influencers Nigel Topping and Henk Ovink and organisations UNICEF, UNECE and IUCN.
The Water Pavilion created unprecedented convergence between investors, businesses, cities and NGOs, hosting 100 events across 11 themes. The coalition of partners have committed to build on this success to elevate water as a critical climate solution at COP27.
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