Showcasing water as a critical climate solution

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"We are really happy that we decided to work with Greenhouse to lead the media and digital communication for the Water Pavilion at COP27, they hit the ground running and the results were excellent. The wonderful team delivered a hugely successful digital toolkit and engaged top tier media in the role of water for climate throughout."
Maria Sköld

Senior Communications Manager, Stockholm International Water Institute
Not only is water one of the first victims of climate change, it also offers powerful climate solutions. Despite this, many sectors and leaders do not meaningfully engage or include water within the global climate conversation.
We led and coordinated the communications for the Water Pavilion at COP27, amplifying the messaging and calls to action of over 30 organisations. We created a comprehensive digital toolkit for stakeholders and supporters to amplify the Water for Climate message and ran a press office on the ground, platforming influencers and leaders on water, and secured visits to the Water Pavilion from top tier media.
Media mentions of “water”, “climate” and “COP27” increased by 42% compared with COP26. The #Water4Climate hashtag received 30.3 million impressions during the conference. Secured coverage in 20 countries across six continents with an estimated reach of over 400 million.
COP27 was a significant step forward for water in climate action. For the first time, water was included in the introduction to the final declaration of a climate COP and momentum was built on the ground for concrete commitments at the UN 2023 Water Conference. With a thematic day devoted to water, it was truly the blue thread running through the summit.
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