Putting nature at the heart of the climate debate at COP26




"We are so happy that we decided to work with Greenhouse to lead our PR effort at COP26, the results were mind-blowing. Their team were amazing, very professional, working tirelessly throughout the whole campaign, while still being full of energy and fun to work with. They fit in seamlessly to our project, spinning many different plates, from coordinating with 100s of key stakeholders and coalition partners, to producing messaging frameworks and talking point and to securing quality media opportunities and leading our press office."
James Lloyd, Coalition Lead Nature4Climate
Nature-based solutions can provide one-third of cost-effective CO2 mitigation needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030. Despite this, nature-based solutions only receive 8% of public climate finance and are included in just 10% of climate media coverage. To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, we need to put nature at the heart of the climate conversation.
We worked with Nature4Climate to create the Nature Zone at COP26, bringing together the top nature NGOs to unite them around a core message framework, developed by Greenhouse. We co-ordinated and mapped all nature-related announcements and set up a press office on the ground in Glasgow, acting as the main point of contact for journalists throughout the two weeks. Throughout the conference, we placed key nature spokespeople at the forefront of media coverage, ensuring that diverse voices were heard, including those of youth activists and Indigenous Peoples.
COP26 was deemed the ‘Paris moment for Forests’, with over 5000 pieces of coverage from the top 300 global news outlets mentioning nature. Issues such as deforestation were a key focus for world leaders and the unprecedented pledges made up 12% of all COP coverage across top broadcast, international and national publications. Our nature spokespeople were featured across 40 outlets, including Sky News, France24, Deutsche Welle, BBC World Service, CBC, Forbes, Financial Times and others.
COP26 was the first time nature was mentioned in the final text and the conference saw unprecedented financing to halt deforestation. Policy makers engaged with the issue, such as Zac Goldsmith who launched the FACT Roadmap to tackle deforestation in supply chains and COP26 President Alok Sharma also acknowledged the inter-relationship between climate and nature during the conference.
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