Putting climate at the heart of the general election




"Fantastic results, and great to see the story mentioned in so much follow up coverage and so widely debate by MPs and in so many articles on the election campaigns.
Great work team!"
Martin Watters
Communications Manager, ClientEarth
Put climate change at the heart of the general election as a critical issue that mattered to the people of the UK. Deliver a clear call to action for the UK government to set more ambitious targets to reduce emissions to tackle the climate emergency and follow through with meaningful action. 
Launched Client Earth’s Climate Snapshot on UK attitudes to climate change on the day the election was announced, to ensure that climate change became a significant issue in the general election. Used results of a consumer poll to frame climate change as a major issue that could determine the outcome, highlighting 70% of adults demanded more climate action in the face of climate emergency and 54% said it would influence their vote.  
Over 240 articles published across the UK, with 1.8 million coverage views. Highlights: The Guardian, The Times, Independent, Mail Online, ITV, Metro, Huffington Post, and Evening Standard. The news articles, videos and social assets generated significant engagement on social media networks, thanks to 18.9k social shares, putting climate change at the heart of the election debate.
‘Climate change as a critical issue in the election’ was cited in more than 240 articles, referenced in political debates and quoted by influencers, ranging from a wide range of MPs to Environment Agency Chair Emma Howard Boyd. 
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