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"Greenhouse have consistently delivered outstanding results which have raised the profile of Cafédirect. Thanks to them, we can support small, family farmers as the leaders in the system, rather than impoverished beneficiaries at the bottom of a supply chain."
John Steel
CEO, Cafédirect
Cafédirect want to raise the profile of their unique business model that supports smallholder farmers across the globe whilst pests, diseases and climate change continue to exacerbate coffee supply problems.
Position Cafédirect in the media as the leading artisan coffee company that produces #RidiculouslyGood coffee whilst pioneering a better way of doing business.
Standout features on BBC World Service, Guardian, The Times, highlighting Cafédirect’s unique business model and B Corp certification supported by product placements of their Christmas Blend in Daily Mail, Express, Metro and across over 70 regional media outlets.
Combined estimated readership of over 7 million, raising the profile of Cafédirect across a broader demographic of consumers.
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