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"The media coverage of this event was incredible. Momentum is really starting to build and the Network now has an influential voice as an organisation that is fighting for transformational policy change. The Greenhouse team has played a pivotal role in making that happen."
Martin Lines
Chair, NFFN
70% of the UK countryside is farmland and farmers have a pivotal role to play in protecting endangered species. TV presenter Chris Packham visited a nature friendly farm as part of his UK-wide Bioblitz tour, in order to highlight the positive impact that farms can have on biodiversity.
Greenhouse invited key media to attend the farm visit and meet Chris Packham and Martin Lines, chair of NFFN, securing interviews with the Press Association, Daily Express, ITV Anglia and several regional newspapers.
In total, we secured 195 broadcast, print and online articles with a total reach of over 12 million. The Press Association’s article was featured in over 180 national and regional publications.
Chris Packham championed the NFFN in press interviews and on social media and went on to include comments from Martin Lines in his People’s Manifesto for Wildlife.

NFFN Chris Packham by Nature Friendly Farming Network on Vimeo.

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