Launch of the UK's first electric forecourt

CGI rendering of a Gridserve electric forecourt with cars charging


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"Investors, responsible for multi-billion-pound investment portfolios, have requested meetings on the back of the media coverage. They turn up holding the full-page article in the FT on the future of EVs, secured by Greenhouse.
The Greenhouse team is awesome. They are a pleasure to work with and the scale of the media coverage that they achieve is phenomenal. We love that they look at the outcomes we want first and deliver strategic advice and communications support to secure investors, retail partners and drive scale."
Toddington Harper, Founder and CEO, GRIDSERVE
The sale of all new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars will be banned from 2030. However, EVs are viewed as expensive and inconvenient. Around 40% of UK households don’t have access to parking suitable for home-charging electric vehicles (EVs) and the UK’s current public charging infrastructure causes ‘charging anxiety’.
Coordinated the launch of GRIDSERVE’s ground-breaking Electric Forecourt® in Braintree – designed specifically for the needs of EV drivers to deliver convenient, ultra-fast, and low-cost charging for all types of EVs – and the UK’s first net zero EV leasing service, designed to bring the cost of EVs well below that of petrol or diesel cars. 
Generated over 580 articles, including in The One Show, Forbes, Bloomberg, Guardian, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Sunday Times, and ITV. The coverage reached more than two billion people and social media activity grew GRIDSERVE’s online community by 2,211 followers while also achieving thousands of online engagements, including from The World Economic Forum, BEIS and Transport Minister Rachel Maclean.
Created unparalleled awareness, driving significant footfall to the Electric Forecourt and website traffic to net zero EV leasing service in the crucial first week of opening. Immediate interest from investors, landowners and developers was generated, accelerating the rollout of the wider 100+ strong network of Electric Forecourts.
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