Launch of the first mobile air pollution monitoring vehicle

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Greenhouse PR exceeded our expectations, by raising the profile of the issue of poor air quality as a major urban issue and maximising exposure for Enviro Technology Services as an expert commentator with the latest technology. The Greenhouse team ensured that we got maximum impact and have created a platform to leverage opportunities to take up new technology to monitor air pollution.
Duncan Monsour

Managing Director, Enviro Technology services

Launch first mobile air quality lab to raise awareness of how it can help local authorities and researchers tackle air pollution. The Air Quality Monitoring Vehicle, an electric van carrying a battery powered lab, can measure levels of NO2 and other pollutants in real time, on the move, and with extreme accuracy.  
Developed a pilot study with the UK’s foremost air quality experts at King’s College London, comparing NO2 levels inside and outside the vehicle and found that drivers are exposed to 20% more pollution in the cab. We invited journalists to ride in the ‘smogmobile’ and conduct bespoke air quality monitoring. 
Reached > 36 million people through 27 TV broadcasts, a Guardian feature and 21 pieces of online media coverage. BBC Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh produced a three-minute package on the BBC Six O’Clock News, reaching 5 million. Total coverage reach: 36,162,067. Total AVE: 750,752 – exceeding all KPIs.
Focused on engaging broadcast coverage, offering ground-breaking vehicle with highly visual way to focus on air quality. Became reference point for air pollution in media.
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