Exposing big oil's greenwashing




“Greenhouse PR’s work has transformed our organisation. We could not have achieved such extensive global coverage without their expertise, creativity and commitment. The report’s wide use by influencers has delivered a body blow to the oil industry and its lobbyists.”
Dylan Tanner
Founder, InfluenceMap
Five oil majors spent $1bn promoting a pro-climate public image, while lobbying through trade groups to delay and oppose climate regulations since Paris. Support for lobby groups is significantly slowing international progress on climate change.
Expose the oil majors’ climate double-speak. Launched report highlighting their hypocrisy, providing policy makers, investors, litigators and campaigners with evidence to use in climate-related shareholder motions ahead of AGM season.
Secured coverage for the report in 60 articles including 18 articles in national papers across 9 countries, with 1.8bn reach. Report findings were used on social media by key influencers including Bernie Sanders, Natalie Klein and George Monbiot.
Major policy makers used report to bolster calls for greater oil industry regulation. Shortly after the launch, Shell cut ties with the second most aggressive anti-climate lobby group in the US.
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