Impact of Covid-19 accelerating energy transition by a decade


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Greenhouse delivered the best campaign in Wärtsilä’s 180-year history. The team proactively generated ideas and challenged our thinking to always be bigger and more ambitious. I was so happy – I even did a little dance at the end of the campaign! 
Päivi Höylä

UK Marketing Manager, Wärtsilä Energy
The impact of Covid-19 accelerated Europe’s electricity system transition with renewables records ‘falling like dominoes’ and reaching levels not expected for another 10 years. This was a huge achievement, but a lack of flexibility meant some nations could have got even closer to 100% renewables.
Devised, created and launched a new free-to-use data platform to help the industry, policy makers and the public understand the impact of Covid-19 on European electricity markets. Produce analysis demonstrating the need for flexibility and storage to accelerate Europe’s energy transition.
Achieved 57 pieces of coverage, including several pieces in the Financial Times, Bloomberg, BBC, Reuters. The results had an online readership of more than 1 billion people and secured 2,776 shares across social media.
Put pressure on global governments to focus on the optimised path towards 100% renewable energy and demonstrated Wärtsilä as leader in the global energy transition, driving new engagement with policy makers and industry worldwide and directly supporting market development in key geographies.
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