Challenging the climate fake news being spread on Facebook




I would like to thank Greenhouse PR for their professionalism & persistence in our recent collaboration on our social media report. The impact on the sector and our partners to move more quickly on climate has been profound as a result of the media coverage. The interviews which were set up, allowing us to communicate the required nuances of the story, made a huge difference.
Dylan Tanner
Founder, InfluenceMap
Facebook is allowing its platform to be used to spread climate disinformation, and the fossil fuel lobby is using social media as a key tool to sway the narrative on climate issues.
We launched the Climate Change and Digital Advertising report to influence debates around climate change, and the responsibilities of social media companies to tackle climate disinformation. We utilised comment from influential figures such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren to garner additional media attention across the US.
We generated over 200 media articles across 18 countries, with an estimated 3.6M coverage views, and 21.6K shares on social media. Highlight media coverage emerged in AFP, The Guardian, Washington Post, Forbes, Daily Mail, The Independent and Le Figaro.
The report launch forced media comments from Facebook spokespeople, PragerU and Turning Point USA. It also received comments and shares on social media from George Monbiot, Matthew Pennycook MP, Professor Katharine Hayhoe and Greenpeace, among others. In early 2021, Facebook announced it would introduce into the UK new information labels on posts about climate change.
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