Driving billion dollar collaboration on innovation at COP26

Mission Innovation

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Thanks to the support of Greenhouse, we were able to make the case for clean energy innovation throughout COP26. Their tireless efforts integrated Mission Innovation with world leaders, governments and climate influencers, helping cut through the noise at a critical moment in climate diplomacy. Discussions on innovation and technology to reduce carbon emissions were embedded throughout COP for the first time, and Greenhouse were essential to maximising that impact.
Dr Jennie Dodson

Head Mission Innovation Secretariat
Reaching global climate goals requires innovation on a huge scale this decade to make clean energy technologies affordable and accessible for all. Mission Innovation – the coalition of 22 governments and the EC – wanted to ensure that innovation was seen as a crucial lever of change at COP26, to drive collaboration, investment and action.
Devised a multi-platform communications campaign to launch Mission Innovation campaign on breakthroughs, from strategic message framework to a hero film broadcast at COP26 events, to global media engagement, inputting tn world leaders’ speeches and media, for each new mission.
Global media campaign with 394 articles, including BBC, Forbes and Reuters, plus broadcast interviews with Sky and CNBC, reaching a combined audience of 1.88 billion, with 2.47 million views across 18 countries. Across digital achieved a 789% increase in profile visits, 2,255% increase in engagements and up to 41% increase in followers, with over 138,300 views of the hero film. Mission Innovation messaging was also included in at least five speeches and media releases by world leaders.
Mission Innovation and its key message on the importance of collaboration and innovation was highlighted by world leaders throughout COP26 as a key lever of change this decade. The campaign demonstrated vision and commitment to clean energy innovation and cemented partnerships with global NGOs and private sector leaders, achieving significant momentum to 2022.
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