Building the case for divestment of MPs pension fund

Divest Parliament



Greenhouse have been super helpful and worked wonders during such a difficult time for pitching MP-focused content. We have so much gratitude to Greenhouse for their brilliant press work. It has really impacted the campaign in a positive way and more and more MPs are signing the petition as a result.
Tytus Murphy
Co-ordinator, Divest Parliament
The Parliamentary Pension Fund invests £11.6 million of shares in BP, and £10.9 million in Shell. It must end investments in fossil fuel companies exacerbating the climate crisis.
Galvanise support amongst MPs to pressurise the Parliamentary Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels, capitalising on the turbulent political atmosphere, and highlighting the forward momentum of the campaign in reaching 300 MPs, driving for a majority of MPs’ support.
Achieved carefully crafted messaging in media coverage across 12 publications, with 91.4 million reach and
over 103K coverage views. #DivestParliament was the third most popular hashtag used by MPs on Twitter.
Led to a further surge of MPs signing the Divest Parliament pledge, taking the total number to well over 300 and the majority, and edging closer to the majority needed for legislative action; this placed further pressure on the Parliamentary Pension Fund to take action.
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