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We approached Greenhouse to help amplify our voice within the energy transition and showcase our vision and expertise to global leaders. The strategy and content they delivered far exceeded our expectations, clearly positioning Wärtsilä at the heart of the global green recovery debate.

The Greenhouse team expertly coordinated a global launch that achieved cut through in our key markets and has helped further establish Wärtsilä as a global leader in the energy transition.
Ninna Arponen
Marketing & Communications Director, Wärtsilä Energy
As world leaders allocated billions of dollars to legacy fossil fuel energy as part of COVID-19 stimulus packages, our challenge was to hold them to account and call for economic recovery to support accelerating the shift to 100% renewables.
Devised, created and launched a global report which analysed G20 stimulus packages to highlight the focus on fossil fuels and modelled the impact that investing stimulus in renewables could have instead in key markets. The report was launched ahead of the US election to highlight the opportunity of stimulus to create green jobs and accelerate the energy transition worldwide.
This first ever global report for Wärtsilä achieved more than 50 pieces of high quality global media coverage, with a reach of over 250 million and an estimated 500,000 views online.
Put pressure on global governments to focus on the optimised path towards 100% renewable energy and demonstrated Wärtsilä as leader in the global energy transition, driving new engagement with policy makers and industry worldwide and directly supporting market development in key geographies.
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