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We are proud to have been named Best Green Communications Agency of the Year at the BusinessGreen Awards. This is a huge achievement, and it couldn’t have been done without the hard work and dedication of the entire Greenhouse team or the passion and drive from our clients. We strive to make a difference with everything we do, and we are thrilled to be recognised for the impact we make.

Our mission is to power positive change. We are an impact-led agency, always striving to create meaningful results through our work. As a sustainable communications agency, the impact we make needs to be tangible. Whether that’s increased investment, new partnerships or policy change, we measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our work with real life results.  

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of communications to scale solutions and accelerate change. Who we work with matters just as much as the work we deliver, and to that end, we only work with businesses that are aligned to our mission.  

We’re not interested in greenwashing. We want to work with people who are as committed as we are to delivering social and environmental impact on a global scale. We want to amplify the voices of those with the ideas to tackle the climate emergency – whether that be through innovation, technology, campaigns or movement-building. 

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Our clients and the campaigns we have delivered for them are testaments to this dedication. In the past year, we’ve delivered over 70 campaigns to address the climate emergency, tackle biodiversity loss, campaign for climate justice, drive innovation, and accelerate the transition to a global green economy.   

Here’s a snapshot of some of the impactful campaigns we’ve worked on this year. And because our clients are our best advocates, we’ve included their thoughts too.

Top 5 Greenhouse campaigns in 2020/2021

Mission Innovation: launching a decade of energy innovation

In June 2021, 23 governments announced plans to make clean energy affordable, attractive and accessible by 2030, through investing $250bn in accelerating research in clean power, zero-emissions shipping, and hydrogen.  


Half of the global emissions reductions required to achieve climate targets by 2050 depend on technologies that exist today but are only at demonstration or prototype phase. Governments and the private sector must increase investment in clean energy research, development, and demonstrations to deliver affordable clean energy solutions this decade. 


Greenhouse led a global communications strategy to launch the initiative, including brand development, a hero video, social media engagement, and media outreach. We bought together content from 23 governments and multiple NGOs – plus a panel of 10 global spokespeople to sell the vision. 


Mission Innovation 2.0 was recognised as accelerating tangible action towards the Paris Agreement goals. We saw commitment from all 23 member governments, and partnerships cemented between global NGOs and private sector leaders. 

“Greenhouse performance was stellar, hitting targets beyond the ceiling of expectations. From identity, to messaging, to films, to toolkits, engaging ministers and champions around the world, the launch campaign has really created a buzz of excitement and energy among the governments and industry.” 
Dr Jennie Dodson
Head of Mission Innovation Secretariat, BEIS
Launching the UK’s first electric forecourt with GRIDSERVE

GRIDSERVE’s ground-breaking Electric Forecourt was designed to deliver zero-carbon, ultra-fast, low-cost charging, all powered by renewable energy.  


The sale of all new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars will be banned from 2030, but EVs are still viewed as expensive and inconvenient. Around 40% of UK households don’t have access to parking suitable for home-charging electric vehicles (EVs) and the UK’s current public charging infrastructure causes ‘charging anxiety’. 


Our high-profile launch event included a VIP EV host, media interviews, films, and influencer engagement. We achieved coverage in over 250 media articles, and social media activity drove interest from investors, landowners, and developers. 


The success of our launch resulted in a major £10m investment from Hitachi Capital, accelerating the planned rollout of 100+ Electric Forecourts – which have since featured in party political broadcasts.   

“Greenhouse insight, advice and impact, has made a huge difference in our ability to communicate our vision and attract investment to help GRIDSERVE scale.  Awesome tenacity and results achieved. Greenhouse is the best green PR agency on the planet!” 
Toddington Harper
Mock COP26: amplifying diverse youth voices on the frontline of the climate crisis

In November 2020, more than 330 young people from over 140 countries hosted Mock COP26, an inclusive global two-week online conference.  


The UN’s climate change conference, COP26, was postponed due to Covid-19, delaying urgent commitments and action from governments to tackle the climate crisis. Young climate activists, frustrated by the lack of action on climate change, wanted to make their voices heard, and their policy demands known. 


Greenhouse delivered a global integrated PR campaign that engaged politicians, young activists and influencers in 140 countries. This resulted in more than 400 pieces of coverage worldwide. We brokered new partnerships between youth organisers and UNDP. Top influencers shared content, including Dia Mirza and Xiye Bastida, and the #MockCOP26 hashtag reached 12 million people worldwide. 


The UNDP reviewed the delegates ‘impressive’ legal treaty, which is now being discussed within UN departments. Mock COP26 youth were invited to share a statement to world leaders at the global Climate Ambition Summit. In addition, the UN COP26 Presidency, the Italian Government and BEIS are involving Mock COP youth in climate action decisions. 

“Greenhouse felt like part of our team from the start. Their passion for the issues, creativity and strategic thinking delivered a hugely impactful global campaign. As a result, governments are now developing youth boards to influence climate policy.” 
Jamie Agombar
Executive Director, SOS-UK
IUCN Bonn Challenge: accelerating the world’s largest restoration initiative

The Bonn Challenge is the world’s largest restoration initiative, with over 60 countries pledging to restore more than 200 million hectares of degraded or deforested land. 


Humans have over-exploited landscapes, through deforestation, farming and overgrazing. Every year we lose 13 million hectares of forest and the soil is depleted. Urgent commitment and action from global governments to restore forests is critical for all species and human survival.  


Greenhouse launched a 24hr digital event with live panels, short films, new reports, media coverage and social media content. The goal was to demonstrate the huge impact of forest landscape restoration, calling on governments to ramp up restoration commitments. 


More than 70 countries took part in the event online, from Bangladesh to the USA. Major government spokespeople reported forest landscape restoration as the best way to tackle health, biodiversity and the climate crisis. The Government of Pakistan announced it had joined the Bonn Challenge, committing to restore 1m/ha by 2030. 

“The launch was such a great success that I can’t really process the results! The Greenhouse team has been incredible. They dove in, with the greatest creativity and good humour, and pulled off what was supposed to be a 6-month task in 6 weeks. This has exceeded all of our expectations.  It is now becoming a model for IUCN campaigns of the future.” 
Swati Hingorani
Project Knowledge & Impact Officer, IUCN Forests 
Insure Our Future: accelerating the phase out of fossil fuels by holding insurers to account

We worked alongside Insure Our Future to hold Lloyd’s of London accountable for their continued association with fossil fuel projects. 


Lloyd’s of London is one of the world’s biggest insurers of fossil fuels. To accelerate the global phase-out of fossil fuels, Lloyd’s must end cover for coal power plants and mines, and tar sands pipelines.  


Occupying space outside Lloyd’s HQ in London, protestors showed employees the damage done to the climate by fossil fuel projects insured by the Lloyd’s market, and urged their syndicates to ‘wash their hands of coal and tar sands’ by adopting an exclusion policy. Greenhouse secured national and international media coverage of the event, and our campaign on social saw 30K impressions on the Insure Our Future Twitter page.  


Since the protest action, Lloyd’s has set a market-wide policy to stop new insurance cover for coal, oil sands and Arctic energy projects by January 2022, and to pull out of the business altogether by 2030. Several Lloyd’s syndicates have also ruled out underwriting the Adani Carmichael coal mine in Australia, meaning Adani may now have to self-insure. 

“Greenhouse communications support helped to put the campaign firmly onto Lloyd's agenda. The impact has been significant and Lloyds committed to stop new insurance cover for coal, oil sands and Arctic energy projects, within 12 months.”
Lindsay Keenan
Insure Our Future

Our plans for the future 

We take enormous pride in every campaign we work on, and these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we’ve achieved with our clients.  

This decade is the most critical yet when it comes to combatting the climate emergency. We need everyone on board if we’re going to achieve a livable, equitable, bright future for all.  

We’ve seen first hand the impact that effective communications can have in bringing people into the fold. And so we’ll continue making headway, telling compelling stories about inspiring people, amplifying voices, progressing the movement, and driving transformation, one campaign at a time.   


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